Manual Toggle Press


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The ideal press to be used with the force-fitting anvil mouting jigs A72000 (for anvils X=2.5mm) and A72100 (for anvils X=3.1mm).

This manual toggle press is constructed from malleable iron, machined on the base mounting faces for accurate alignment of tools. An adjustable bolt at the rear of the frame allows the toggle mechanism to be stopped before going ‘on-centre’ for quick return and light operation, or ‘over-centre’ in order to hold work under pressure.

Cost effective: makes dedicated tool fitting to a number of presses economical, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming re-tooling of a single press. Choice of two handle mounting positions for ease of operation, with a recessed base for dedicated tool fitting.


Made of malleable iron.
Nominal output force: 600 kgf.


For use with the force-fitting anvil mouting jigs A72000 and A72100.

Can also be used for for light/medium duty work such as forming, swaging, riveting, marking, piercing and assembly.


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