Diacell SymmDAC 100


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Please note that it does not include anvils or support plates but you can buy these at DiamondAnvils.com too.

This is variation of the familiar so-called symmetric diamond anvil cell. This version is shorter (27mm) than the more conventionaI SymmDAC 60 (34mm) but provides the benefit of a larger conical aperture of up to 100 degrees. The pressure range remains up to 50 GPa and above.

The Diacell SymmDAC 100 enables either side to be used for collection or for introduction of electromagnetic beams (x-rays, laser, visible or infrared light).

To order seats and diamond anvils suitable for this DAC, please add the following items:

  • Seats: WC seats – Product code P02055
  • Diamond Anvils: Boehler Almax 4.00 design – Product code P01039

This cell uses 5mm or 10mm diameter gasket blanks, but it is important to note that no gasket holder is provided.


Cell Material: Vascomax 300
Anvil Support Material: Tungsten carbide
Pressure Mechanism: Screw-drive
Top Angle: 100°
Bottom Angle: 100°
DAC Height: 27 mm
DAC Diameter: 48 mm
Working Distance to Sample: 13.5 mm


This cells is widely used for optical studies at high pressures.