Diacell SymmDAC 60


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Please note that it does not include anvils or support plates but you can buy these at DiamondAnvils.com too.

This is the familiar so-called symmetric diamond anvil cell.  It is a budget DAC useful for the pressure range up to 100 GPa.

The Diacell SymmDAC 60 enables either side to be used for collection or for introduction of electromagnetic beams (x-rays, laser, visible or infrared light).

To order seats and diamond anvils suitable for this DAC, please add the following items:

  • Seats: WC seats – Product code P00980
  • Diamond Anvils: Diacell Design 2.50 mm – Product code P00131 (other diamond anvil designs available on request, contact us)

This cell uses 5mm or 10mm diameter gasket blanks.


Cell Material: Vascomax 300
Anvil Support Material: Tungsten carbide
Pressure Mechanism: Screw-drive
Top Angle: 60°
Bottom Angle: 60°
DAC Height: 35 mm
DAC Diameter: 48 mm
Working Distance to Sample: 17.5 mm


This cells is widely used for optical studies at high pressures.