Type Ia; Diacell Design; X=3.10mm, H=1.70mm


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This diamond anvil design is essentially an optimised Drukker cut anvil where the height/base ratio has been maximised (for a particular size of diamond).  The smaller the height/base ratio is, the lower the maximum load the anvil will sustain.

Drukker (standard) design diamond anvils have been shown (c.f. M. Seal, High Temperatures-High Pressures, vol 16, pg. 573 [1984]) to have optimum strength.


Material: natural type 1a diamond
Cut: Diacell design
Girdle diameter, X: 3.10 mm
Anvil height, H: 1.70 mm
Crystal orientation of table/culet: {100} plane


This diamond anvil is used in the Diacell HeliosDAC, OmniDAC range, CryoDAC-Mega and LeverDAC-Mega.


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