Type IIac (Synthetic), Standard (Modified), X=3.75mm, H<2.0mm


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Standard design diamond anvils have been shown (c.f. M. Seal, High Temperatures-High Pressures, vol 16, pg. 573 [1984]) to have optimum strength.

Normally, these anvils have a fixed pavilion angle of 38 degrees.  However, in order to accommodate synthetic type IIac, which are limited to a height of < 2 mm, this needs to be modified accordingly.

Therefore, for synthetic type IIac anvils, we can only supply modified standard design anvils if the girdle is larger than approximately 2.7 mm.


Material: synthetic type IIa cvd diamond (also referred to as type IIac)
Modified standard design anvil with girdle X= 3.75 mm and H < 2.0 mm.


Type IIa anvils are required for any Infrared spectroscopy studies, but can also be used for any other applications.