Type IIas RULF (Synthetic), Diacell Design, X=2.5mm; H=1.55mm


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This diamond anvil design is essentially an optimised Drukker cut anvil where the height/base ratio has been maximised (for a particular size of diamond).  The smaller the height/base ratio is, the lower the maximum load the anvil will sustain.

Drukker (standard) design diamond anvils have been shown (c.f. M. Seal, High Temperatures-High Pressures, vol 16, pg. 573 [1984]) to have optimum strength.

All type IIas anvils are Raman ultra-low fluorescence and ultra-low birefringence, (100)-oriented and particularly suitable for IR and highly demanding Raman spectroscopy.


Material: synthetic type IIas HPHT diamond (also referred to as type IIas).
Cut: Diacell design
Girdle diameter, X: 2.50 mm
Anvil height, H: 1.55 mm


This is the diamond anvil design used in most of the Diacell diamond anvil cells.

Type IIas anvils are required for any Infrared and particularly demanding Ultra Low Fluorescence background spectroscopy studies, but can also be used for any other applications.