About Us

About Us

DiamondAnvils.com was established with the purpose of bringing high quality diamond anvils to scientists all over the world at competitive prices.  Diamonds are traded as a commodity and, as such, DiamondAnvils.com believes that diamond anvils should be no different. We have very advanced production methods and we source our diamonds from reputable sources. Combined with our much lower profit margin, DiamondAnvils.com keeps prices low for the benefit of the entire scientific community.

Major customers such as Argonne, Los Alamos, Max Planck Institute, Oak Ridge, Lawrence Livermore and many others already benefit from our service.

Our service is based on more than competitive prices though.  We also combine the convenience of online ordering and credit card payment (a first in this market).

In addition to diamond anvils, you will be able to find other high pressure research consumables and accessories at DiamondAnvils.com.  For example, we offer simple diamond anvil cells, heaters for our Diacell range of DACs, electrodes for the Boehler microDriller and much more.

We are a company built on science with over 30 years of experience in the supply of diamond anvil cells, other high pressure cells and associated products.  All of our employees have a scientific background.  The vast majority have PhDs in high pressure research in areas such as physics, chemistry and material science.  If you need to discuss your particular requirements then at DiamondAnvils.com you will be speaking to people who will understand your specific research needs and how to best help you.

DiamondAnvils.com source rough diamonds from DTC (Diamond Trading Company) sightholders.  As such our diamonds are from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in any way whatsoever and in compliance with all relevant UN Resolutions covering diamond trading.  You can rest assured that DiamondAnvils.com diamonds are guaranteed and certified as conflict-free.

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