Gasket Thickness Micrometer


The tips of the micrometre have a conical shape ending a round end which is shaped as a half sphere.

The conical tips have a 15degrees angle, finishing wiht a diameter of 0.6mm. The half sphere has a radius of around 0.3mm.

This make this device suitable to measure gasket indentation down to 0.2 – 0.3mm in diameter depending on the depth of indentation.

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A micrometer (with its own stand) specifically designed to measure the thickness of gaskets used in diamond anvil experiments. The micrometer has a resolution of 0.00005in./0.001mm and digital display.

Supplied with batteries.


Digital Electronic LCD Display micrometers, including stand.

Mechanical features:
– Resolution 0.00005in./0.001mm
– Origin setting
– Incremental or Off-set zero operation
– Switchable, Metric or Imperial

Electronic features:
– Carbide tipped measuring faces
– Ratchet thimble/friction thimble for constant measuring force
– Spindle lock clamp
– Zero setting rod supplied (25 to 50mm models)


Used primarily for measuring the thickness of the indentation mark in gaskets used with diamond anvil cells.


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