Type Ia; Modified Brilliant {100}; Y=3.50mm; ~0.15ct


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The modified brilliant diamond anvil design is derived from the traditional round brilliant cut used in jewellery.  It developed as a way of maximising back reflection and spectral dispersion, but is not necessarily the design which gives maximum strain.

A modified brilliant diamond cut stone has a table polished in 16 facets.  As such the culet is also 16-sided.

With the girdle Y being 100%, the other dimensions are:

  • table: 58%-62%
  • crown height: 12%-16%
  • crown angle: 34°-37°
  • girdle thickness: 3.5%-4.5%
  • pavilion depth: 42%-45%
  • pavilion angle: 40.7°-41.7°


Material: natural type 1a diamond
Cut: Modified Brilliant design (16-sided culet)
Girdle diameter, Y: 3.50 mm
Crystal orientation of table/culet: {100} plane