Welcome to our new website. What do you think?

For the last few weeks we have been working to build a completely new website experience with one goal in mind: to bring you the products you want, at the speed you need, on any device you use.

Thus, welcome to the new and improved diamondANVILS.com.

diamond anvils

We hope you will find the new site easier and faster to use.  We have also improved the ordering process with a much easier and seamless payment interface gateway.  No more declined credit card payments anymore.

Share your opinion on the new site with us please.  Send us your feedback, questions, compliments, suggestions and complaints to sales at diamondanvils.com.  You can also tweet us at @Almax_easyLab if you prefer.

Here are some immediate questions which you may have already:

Q: Do I have to create a new account if I already had one on the old site?

A: No, if you already had an account with diamondANVILS.com, then you just need to sign in by clicking “Login” at the top right of the page.  On mobile devices you may find this at the bottom of the menu on the left top corner.  Please do login to your account and check your details are correct.

Q: Is this going to cost me more?

A: No, our prices will continue to be as competitive as ever and our quality will remain unsurpassed.

Q: Will the new site work on my phone?

A: Yes, diamondANVILS.com is designed to work on mobile, desktop and table devices equally well.

Q: Why the revised logo?

A: We wanted to make it clearer that diamondANVILS.com is part of Almax easyLab.