Diacell Horizon + easyGlue


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The Diacell Horizon is a very affordable and compact laser alignment tool to be used in conjunction with the Diacell easyGlue.  It enables one to achieve an accurate optical alignment of a Boehler-Almax anvil and a WC seat prior to the actual epoxying.

The principle of operation of the Diacell Horizon is to align the reflections of laser beam spots from both a reference sapphire located underneath the WC seat and the flat culet of the diamond anvil to be epoxied. The Diacell Horizon has a low power laser source (1mW) integrated into it.

A parallelism of 10′ can be achieved between the plane of the diamond anvil culet and the base of the WC seat by using the Diacell Horizon.

A video guide demonstrating the use of the Diacell easyGlue may be found on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/UCm0dsjqJQ8.

A companion video showing the Diacell Horizon in use with the Diacell easyGlue may also be found on Almax easyLab’s YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/azUwZ3qplIY.

Here you can buy both products at a very affordable price.


Diacell Horizon:

– Dimensions: 165mm x 107mm x 75mm (width x depth x height)
– Weight: 357g
– Anodised aluminium
– For best results use with Diacell easyGlue
– Laser power 1mW (Class II)
– Power: Mini USB cable (supplied)
– Accuracy of alignment within 10’

Diacell easyGlue:

–    Dimensions: 60×40 mm (diameter x height)
–    Weight: 233 g
–    Stainless Steel
–    Compatible for seats up to 22 mm diameter/12 mm total height (seat+anvil)
–    Temperature resistant up to 200 C (for heat curing)


The Diacell Horizon is used to align Boehler-Almax anvils to WC seats prior to epoxying.