Almax Plate DAC Gas Membrane Upgrading Kit

$3,219.00 $3,163.50


A gas membrane upgrading kit for Almax PlateDAC and Diacell Bragg-XVue.

Includes the gas membrane.

A gas membrane controller is required to safely operate the gas membrane.  A full range of controllers may be found at

An application note may be downloaded from our Technical Corner section.  A video demonstration can be seen in the Almax easyLab’s YouTube channel.

Huber has adapted one of their goniometer heads to accommodate the Plate DAC Gas Membrane Adaptor.

Based on the model 1004, the modified version has a drawing reference 102152.  Please contact us for more details.


For converting Almax PlateDAC or Diacell Bragg-XVue from screw-driven to gas membrane driven.

Includes the gas membrane.


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