Temperature Controller for Heaters


PS-03 – Keithley/Temperature Reader incl. Labview® based programm [A75060]

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PS-03 – Keithley/Temperature Reader incl. Labview based programm [A75060]


Technical Specifications
• Power Supply Output Type: Programmable
• No. of Outputs: 1
• Output Output Voltage Min: 0V
• Output Voltage Max: 30V
• Output Current Min: 0mA
• Output Current Max: 36A
• Power Rating: 360W
• Supply Voltage Min: 85VAC
• Supply Voltage Max: 265VAC


This temperature controller developed by Almax easyLab combines a programmable and interfaced power supply from Keithley and a proprietary temperature reader. Both can be connected to a PC via a simple USB connections. By using our Temperature Controller Labview® based software, internal heaters of diamond anvil cells (see ring heaters or gasket heaters), can be driven automatically to reach and control high temperatures.


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