Sapphire Anvil, Diacell Design; X=2.50mm; H=1.55mm


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Synthetic Sapphire is a single crystal form of corundum, Al2O3, also known as alpha-alumina, alumina, and single crystal Al2O3.

Sapphire is aluminium oxide in the purest form with no porosity or grain boundaries, making it (theoretically) dense. The combination of favourable chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical, surface, thermal, and durability properties make sapphire a preferred material for high performance system and component designs. For various semiconductor applications, sapphire is the best choice in comparison with other synthetic single-crystals.

The synthetic sapphire used by is grade 1, which means it is free of insertions, block boundaries, twins, microbubbles and scattering centers.


Material: synthetic clear sapphire, C-axis [001] orientation
Cut: Diacell design
Girdle diameter, X: 2.50 mm (round)
Anvil height, H: 1.55 mm


Sapphire has almost no peaks above 1000 cm−1 in the Raman spectrum and no absorption in the ultraviolet range.  It is therefore especially useful for studies in those spectral regions.

Sapphire may be used as a substitute for diamonds in the pressure range up to about 20-25 GPa.