Diacell Bragg-Mini


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This is the well-known Merrill-Bassett diamond anvil cell, however the Bragg-Mini has been engineered to accommodate Boehler-Almax anvils.

Please note that it does not include anvils (c.f. P00539, Type Ia; Boehler-Almax, X=3.30mm; 85deg) or support plates (c.f. P00542, Support Plate, WC Conical 85 deg. 12.8mm), but you can buy these at diamondANVILS.com too.

It is recommended that anvils for this cell have culets of at least 0.50mm.  The maximum pressure of the Bragg-Mini is 20 GPa with 0.50mm anvils.


Cell Material: Stainless Steel
Anvil Support Material: Tungsten Carbide
Pressure Mechanism: Screw-drive
Top Angle: X-ray, conical 85°
Bottom Angle: X-ray, conical 85°
DAC Height: 15 mm
Working Distance to Sample: 7.5 mm


This DAC is used for x-ray work and it can easily be mounted on goniometer heads.

Of course, it can also be used for other spectroscopic studies.


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