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This is the Almax Plate DAC with two carbide seats and gasket holder – part number A84300.  It does not include the gears, wrech and other parts.

The Almax Plate DAC is an innovative diamond anvil cell based on the novel design of Prof. Reinhard Boehler when at the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, Germany.  With the advent of conical diamond anvils described in the paper by R. Boehler et al., High Press. Res. 24, 391 (2004), comes the possibility of having diamond anvil cells with very large conical apertures without the drawback of obstructing materials for the incoming of outgoing beams.

In the Almax Plate DAC two kinematically-mounted steel plates are elastically deflected with the use of a driving gearbox.  Based on the lever principle, the symmetrical deflection of the plates, although very small, is enough to bring into near-contact the diamond anvils and hence generate the required pressures in the sample space.

This is the Plate DAC with two carbide seats and gasket holder only.  It does not include the gears, wrech and other parts.  A complete cell is available for ordering from this website: Almax Plate DAC – complete [A84500].


Cell Material: Vascomax 300
Anvil Support Material: Tungsten Carbide (included)
Pressure Mechanism: Screw-drive (gear box and wrench not included)
Top Angle: X-ray, conical 85°
Bottom Angle: X-ray, conical 85°
DAC Diameter: 49mm
DAC Height: 21 mm
Working Distance to Sample: 10.5 mm


The Boehler-Almax Plate DAC is particularly well suited for X-Ray experiments as it enables diffraction measurements with high transmission factor and very low background.  Indeed, the absence of Be plates, which are replaced by large aperture tungsten carbide seats, combined with the fact that the conical anvils are nearly 15% thinner than the standard designs, considerably enhances the X-ray transmission. The large apertures on both side also makes the cell singularly suited for use with laser heating (particularly double-sided heating) set-ups.

A gas membrane adaptor for the Boehler-Almax Plate DAC is available here.


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